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All of our happy ending stories are provided by our ANBAR volunteers, fosters, and adoptive families. Together, we work to provide happy endings for homeless and abandoned pets.

If you have an interesting story and photo of your adopted animal please email it to pawmaster@anbrescue.org with Happy Endings as the email header. Also please include your name and city, and your pet's name.

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AMAZING GRACE. No being should ever go hungry, sick, unloved or thrown away. Amazing Grace, named for her resilience and wonderful disposition, was found by a good samaritan curled up sleeping, sick, starving next to a dumpster. She was about 12 weeks old and weighed one lb. She was brought to ANBAR. Her eyes were infected and she suffered from upper respiratory infection. Still, she was so trusting and affectionate. Everybody who met her fell in love with her. We worked closely to give her her every chance at life and a family of her own. Here she is with her new "sister"!

MOLLY. This sweet poodle came to us as a surrendered pet, at the age of 3 weeks. A child had fallen on top of her, and the family, who loved her, was unable to provide care for her. She suffered nerve and soft tissue injury; due to some swelling in her brain, she was unable to hear. We tried to keep her comfortable as she lay immobile, in agony, on her back and struggled to move her limbs. We did not know if she would recover, if ever and to what extent. We slowly began to gently help her with physical therapy and to very patiently and tenderly coax her to move. To our wonderful surprise, Molly made a remarkable recovery and found her forever home.

EMALEE and her daughter were rescued by ANBAR from a puppy mill in Idaho. They had spent their entire lives in a wire-crate, only let out for breeding. Neither dog could walk when we first received them: their nails had grown into their pads and had to be surgically removed. 

With lots of TLC, they both recovered physically,  but for Emalee the emotional scars ran deeper. Her daughter found a wonderful home quickly. Emalee, however, was psychologically damaged: living in a crate for five years had left its marks.  She was afraid to walk on grass, of birds, of any sounds, of wind, of snow, of rain.   

After a year of nurturing her, she began to make great progress and is finally acting like a normal dog - at least as long as she is safe behind her fence.  Amalee is a permanent ANBAR resident.

MR. BONES.  When he first came to ANBAR late one night, he weighed only six lbs. (hence his name) and had horrible facial injuries. We cleaned him up, fed him and tried to make him as comfortable as possible for the night. The vet examined him and found that Mr. Bones had been electrocuted, most likely by chewing on a cable. He had lost several teeth, the roof of his mouth and tongue had severe burns. It appeared that the electricity traveled through his sinuses and exited below his left eye. Mr. Bones fully recovered and became the sweetest little old man one could every imagine.