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TEAM LEADERS & VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  to help clean and paint in the front areas of the Kitty Center in Bountiful, UT! Soda and Pizza will be served!  All volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Date: Friday, April 22 @ 4 PM - We need help clearing and cleaning floors and walls of the fronts areas, moving items off the floor to the backroom, removing any items affixed to the walls, so that the walls can be prepared for painting. Team Leader: Julia.

Date: Friday, April 29 @ 4 PM - We need volunteers to help clean the floors and walls, and prepare and smooth walls with basic repairs (i.e., minor cracks and nail holes), tape off borders, etc., and cover floors and surface areas, so that walls can be painted. Team Leader Needed.

Date: Friday, May 6 @ 4 PM - We need help painting the walls of the front areas. Team Leader: Amy 

To Apply: Kitty Center Painting Project Application

For Company/Organization/Group Volunteering Application