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Sandra "Sandy" Seamons (May 31, 1935 - August 22, 2014)  loved her art, poetry, music, flower gardens, and her pets.  She earned national and international recognition as a song composer with her most successful composition being “Walk Through This World With Me”.  This song was rated Number One in 1967 by “Billboard Music” and “Record World”, two international music publications and it was also the Number Two Country Western Song in the U.S. for 1967.  She was a member of the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame and of Broadcast Music, Inc.  She and a co-writer had about 100 songs published.  She also had artwork and poetry published.  Sandy lived in Nashville, TN, for a brief time.  She returned to Utah in June 2002 to be near the people and mountains she so dearly loved.

Ms. Seamons was equally well-known for her commitment to and compassion for homeless pets in our communities. In Fall 2014, her heirs bestowed an unexpected and generous gift to A New Beginning Animal Rescue.

The Sandra Seamons Society was established to honor Ms. Seamons and all that she has done on behalf of companion animals. With so many homeless companion animals euthanized in our communities each year, your bequest to A New Beginning Animal Rescue will connect your legacy to countless pets, and provide them respite, shelter, food, veterinary care, medicines, love and care - long after you are gone. A New Beginning Animal Rescue counts on the generosity of compassionate friends like you to help save lives, ensure a new beginning, and give them a chance to find a forever home. 

The Sandra Seamons Society recognizes caring individuals who have remembered A New Beginning Animal Rescue through their will or other planned gift arrangement.  Planned giving can provide you with tax benefits while simultaneously helping animals. For specific language that you and your attorney can use to remember A New Beginning Animal Rescue in your will, please contact us at plannedgiving@anbrescue.org.

As a member of The Sandra Seamons Society, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Listing in A New Beginning Animal Rescue's Annual Report
  • Listing in A New Beginning Animal Rescue's Newsletters
  • Listing A New Beginning Animal Rescue's web site
  • Priority invitations to A New Beginning Animal Rescue's events and activities
  • The fulfillment of knowing that you are an important part of a lasting and nurturing community

 For more information, please contact us at plannedgiving@anbrescue.org.