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Some of our Angels who overcame the worst!

Temperance and her siblings survived 3 days without their mother in freezing temperatures when they were only about 4 weeks old. They are all doing well - and yes, Temperance has grown into her ears by now!

Gizmo survived the horrible illness called Distemper.  He is now completely recovered and is a very busy little boy!

Emalee and her daughter Claire were rescued by us from a Puppy-Mill in Idaho. They had spent their entire lives in a wire-crate, just to be let out for breeding and to give birth.

Both dogs could not walk when we got them, their conditions were bad and their nails had grown into their pads and had to be surgically removed.

With lots of TLC, they both recovered physically  fast but the emotional scars were deeper.

Claire found a wonderful home quickly but Emalee was psychologically very damaged, living 5 years in a crate left its marks.  She was afraid to walk on grass, birds, any sounds, wind, snow, rain etc.   

Now after a year of working with her, she has made great progress and is finally acting like a dog - at least as long as she is safe behind her fence where she acts all mighty.  She will stay were she is right now with lots more TLC for the next 15 years or so!

Yoshi broke his leg not just once but twice!! It looked like he had to have his leg amputated but after a few weeks the leg finally started to heal and he is now completely recovered.

Mr. Bones:

When he came to us, he only weight 6 lbs. (hence his name) and he had horrible facial injuries. I cleaned him up, fed him and tried to make him as comfortable as possible for the night. To be honest, I thought based on the extend of his injuries, the most humane thing would be to put him to sleep but I wanted to see if there was anything that could be done for him.

The vet examined him and found that Mr. Bones had been electrocuted, most likely by chewing on a cable. He had lost several teeth, the roof of his mouth and tongue had severe burns, then the electricity went up his sinuses and exited below his left eye.

These of course were massive injuries and yet, Mr. Bones left no doubt that he wanted to live! We went ahead with surgery, removed the dead teeth and portions of his cheek bone that also were dead, followed by two more minor surgeries later.

When Mr. Bones was fully recovered, he weight 12 lbs. and became the sweetest little old man one could every imagine. Mr. Bones lived at my house for several years until he died of old age. I will always miss this sweet little boy!

 Gabriele H. Johnson



Christina was still-born, but I was able to revive her.  For the next 5 weeks, it was almost a daily fight to keep her alive because she was not able to process her mothers milk nor did she do well with the kitten-milk-replacer.  With lots of supplements and tiny little feedings, she finally was able to be switched over to solid food and she did well with that.  She is now a very healthy and happy cat and just loves to get into trouble - just look into her eyes and you'll know what I mean.

Gabriele H. Johnson